24 Comments On “TUNNEL CAM: Man City 3-1 Newcastle Behind the scenes at the Etihad Stadium”


  2. Well maybe thats his fuckin name

  3. Good to see de jong and ben arfa have no hard feelings for each other.

  4. Balotelli and santon both came from inter milan so they probably know each other very well.

  5. hahahahaha, Gutierrez says to him “escuchá, estate tranquilo, no rompás las bolas” that means like “listen, be quiet, don’t be a pain in the ass”

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  7. who love Man city and Balotelli abonne moi please

  8. Have more respect for Newcastle than City

  9. 6:20 Ben arfa and De jong ?

  10. Lol gutierrez saying boludo

  11. I love seeing players hugs. It’s awesome.

  12. 5:20 Dzeko : Hajde vicemo se poslije

  13. vincent kompany is from belgium

  14. 8:16 balotell’s cheeky wink at the camera

  15. at 2:53 there is santon… a player of serie A.

  16. orange order scratch your new cars to bully you

  17. He’s just a well mannered arrogant person.

  18. Haris Vuckic

  19. who was the player at @5:22 that dzeko was talking to?

  20. Haha 4:31 Silva’s chuckle

  21. 8:15 balotelli sent off?

  22. hehee

  23. i wanna be one of the guys to open the doors, must be a great job

  24. balotelli and santon are best friend

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