25 replies on “Manchester United Vs Arsenal 2-1 – Wayne Rooney & Robin Van Persie Interviews – November 3 2012”

  1. keep telling yourself that, I’m sure the past 26 years United have also been crap since we haven’t had´╗┐ Robin then yeah?

  2. yes we are, but we will always be better supporters and´╗┐ sing harder! man united look like crap without robin, hes old and will go soon, Arsenals time will come!

  3. Yeah were crying on top of the table ­čÖü its tough at the top! not that ye arsenal fans would know much about that in recent´╗┐ years!!

  4. its the fact that he went to man u knowing that there´╗┐ our bitter rivals that made us fucking upset

  5. @desaibros i love aresenal. And now they have pdolski and´╗┐ more so they could of won this year

  6. Is IT OUR FCKING FAULT FOR KROENKE LETTING PLAYERS LEAVE FCK OFF YOU UTTER CUNT guess what we are real supporters who has utd got in their favour as in support oh wait did you get´╗┐ silenced by your noisy neighbors did ya? how long did you have the title in your hand oh yh 15 seconds was it? Let’s also talk about your academy who is full of refs… lmfao that’s the only way you win games and another issue which has been involved was when fergusson was pointing to his watch to the ref what a joke.

  7. as an arsenal fan rvp made the right decision. He was respectful in his celebration and although that should warrant respect from´╗┐ fans, in this day and age that isn’t going to happen. Personally i’m frustrated he went to another english club. It feels horrible

  8. I never said friends. And surely if Robin’s happy, winning´╗┐ trophies at United, and his wife and kids are happy in England, then his family has benefited. Do you seriously think that Robin didn’t talk to his family before his move? You absolute weapon.

  9. if had listen to his family and friends he would have stayed´╗┐ in arsenal cos nobody wanted him to go to manchester-it was a selfish move..

  10. no-he is far from being a´╗┐ legend,sure he had amazing talent but from his act ,he is very far from the title…

  11. To be logic-there is no respect when a captain who leaves his team for a rivalry team instead of beliving and leading his team..there is an understanding why´╗┐ people are frustating over his betrayal move..

  12. everyone saying rvp deserved a better club knows nothing about football. the man spent 7 years on a treatment table if it hadn’t been´╗┐ for arsenal patience,money,time and belief he wouldn’t even be the player he is today. the mans a prick.

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