25 Comments On “Man Utd 2-1 Arsenal – Van Persie & Rooney Interview 03/11/2012”

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  2. Arsenal were very unlucky fort he first goal,sloppy defending caused that goal,plus the referee did his part by sending the Arsenal player off(as is the norm these days when man u/fa play!)9>3.Keep looking up dudes!.Amen.

  3. I Love Manchester United!!!

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  5. probably protein shake

  6. 3:22 LMAO

  7. Its a protein shake

  8. no, i think its some sort of protein shake for muscle recovery.. i mean why would someone drink strawberry milkshake out of a bottle like that?! haha cheers! gg mu

  9. Butthurt Chelski fan?

  10. Manchester United = Referee United !!

  11. Nope, a milkshake would have a lower viscosity

  12. December time we will have Vidić back and then I think we’ll be back on our feet.

  13. I think it’s a protein shake.

  14. RVP speaks better English than Rooney

  15. 9.5 looove it

  16. proves we are better than Arsenal. Fully deserves win 🙂

  17. He turned down 300k a week?? Instead he decided to go to the best footballing side in ENGLAND

  18. City offered him bigger salary … he just knew he would win more trophy if he goes with manchester

  19. This two players can play in any club in the world. 

  20. i was saying the same thing haha!

  21. he chose united over city to gain more money. Pure logic.

  22. ان شاءالله الدوري ودوري اﻻبطال

  23. مبروك الفوز

  24. protein shake.

  25. Probably a Protein shake

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