5 replies on “Stoke City: Premier League 2012-13 preview”

  1. why didnt they do this preview later? nzonzi, adam, edu and owen all signed later on. not significant changes? no more long throws as delap nor shotton even make the bench, we pass more and we attack more away from home. and btw AI John Palacios isnt in the squad anymore

  2. What a bunch of crap! Palacios is like a new signing cos he’s now fit and if pulis picks him then that shows a clear change in the style of play pulis intends to use. also the use of the long throw has faded each season to the point where we scored 1 premier league goal off the long throw. The potential signing of huddlestone on loan, even if it does not go through, shows that Pulis is looking to use his midfield a bit more for passing the ball than just sitting back and defending. Think again.

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