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  1. Yeah at least Stoke had some chances in the game. Oh did you here that we might sign Michael Kightly from wolves????

  2. well i saw the semi and final, it was heart breaking. its a shame we dont win all our friendlys but its not the point of them

  3. I know bego is good also just i was at the game and i am only 11 and i really wanted to see stoke win because i saw them lose at wembley

  4. any stokies going to see the yeovil game? should be a cracker! come on stoke!

  5. right, but not as bad as your player doing a lap of honor for scoring a freak goal in a friendly 🙂

  6. I have been supporting Stoke for 40 years and I live in America, so who cares if in America they have their own way of saying things. Yes there was a slight foul but 8 of ten times it probably wouldn’t have been given.

  7. Great stadium, great organization, really took care of us at the training session, met some nice Kansas fans. Like Kansas City, will probably come back to watch some games with my son, we live 5 hours away. For a friendly game it was great, both teams tried to win and there was a bit of an edge which made it worth watching.

  8. We had a great time at the game. We met other expat Stoke fans like ourselves and went to the training session and got autographs. The SKC organization were great hosts at the training session. Both teams played well considering the conditions. I was amazed to see Stoke players making a 40 yard run back into defence in 80th minute in 100 F + heat. It was bloody hot just sitting there.

  9. thats not the point, it was a friendly, we all had fun and it was the right result well done

  10. we actually used not starters buddy…..teal bunbury sometimes starts but not often

  11. i think we can all agree both teams used 1st team players and reserves, it was a harsh penalty, draw was a right result. Come on Stoke and good luck to Kansas, ps at least we didnt lose like Man Utd did 2 years ago 😉

  12. ALL YOU STOKE CITY FANS. Keep claiming this game was for fitness and not the result. We could claim the same. Our reserves don’t get much playing time as our reserve league hasn’t developed yet. This game for our reserves was merely experience and fitness, not the result. Suck it stoke. By the way, begovic doesn’t really have a left leg does he… His right isn’t that great either. My grandparents could clear it better.

  13. Silly Americans, an International friendly isn’t a friendly between clubs, it’s a friendly between nations.

    E.g. England vs USA

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