24 replies on “FIFA 13 Prediction: Chelsea v Liverpool”

  1. we was believe , now no one trust in torres any more !!!!!!!!!!!!! and if torres complete this season with us , we will lose the titlle (the priemer league & champoins league !!!!! btw i do not heat torres but this is the truth ..

  2. i’m NOT surprised that Chelsea drew with Liverpool bcoz it was 10 v 11.

    Roberto Di Matteo, if you wanna keep your JOB, STOP playing LAZY & SLOW Jon Obi Mikel AGAIN!!

    Mikel doesn’t go after balls, positions himself poorly, tackles without using his brain & mentally SLOW to see an opening.

    btw, i’m a BIG 15+ years Chelsea fan… (but now, only when Mikel is NOT playing).

    Legendary Captain John Terry… get well soon, our prayers are with you!!

  3. How I’d love it if we beat
    Liverpool 4-1 and then tell them
    to Shut up about their history 4-1

  4. Oh I thought he was slower then that but still in Fifa 12 it was like 70 which meant he could not get in the box on the break in time an the player out wide would lose it.

  5. Torres, i believe in u, HATRICK!!!atleast 1, we believe in you, torres!!!nino!!!!

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