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  1. TWICE the amount? He’s scored 3, not 4.
    And Rooney has 5 assists, Giroud has 1, and Rooney is playing as a CF. I don’t quite see how that’s “akward” seeing as you sold Robin Van Persie who’s the premier league top goal scorer.
    Who else have you sold in the past? Fabregas? NasrI? And who have you brought in……. Gervinho, Park Chu Young and Mertesacker. Roflmao.

  2. ‘some clueless frenchie’ LOL Giroud has scored TWICE the amount of goals Rooney has this season… awkward

  3. “An old cunt”

    Awwww, umadbro? Umad you lost the premier league top goal scorer for some clueless frenchie? Yeah, you are.

    We’re top of the league. We’re top of the league. Who are ya?

  4. i enjoyed this channel at first because Vlad made videos of all clubs, all players, all managers, and all sorts of matches for the past +5 months it’s been “Arsenal or GTFO”

  5. To be honest it’s not like that anymore United have dominated Arsenal the last 12 games. 10-1-1. The last United lost in 2011 at the Emirates and drew in 2009 0-0 at Old Trafford where 1 point was all United needed to win the EPL. It’s just Arsenal doesn’t have the players and all the good ones are sold off to go somewhere where they can win like Nasri to City, RVP to United, Henry to Barcelona and the list goes on.

  6. no wonder, just about the whole Arsenal team were an embarrassment. Wilshere and Arteta were the only players who tackled RVP, everyone else acted as if he was their team mate. Wilshere should never have been sent off, got the ball and evra acted as if he got shot, Cleverley and RVP could both have been sent off. Left side of our defense was a joke and we were terrible in attack.

  7. tbh it wasnt your normal Man Utd vs Arsenal game it was a pretty boring game it was more like a pre season friendly

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