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  1. @mpthncy yeah they are right. I wasn’t totally convinced at first but then they gave me that money sitting in my account! so easy all you have to do is complete a few market research questions . Get involved here > bit.ly/TX1FE4?=frikvr

  2. HaterzHaterzHaterz!!… You know you guys are calling a guy shit who’s holding THE GOLDEN BOOT on his hand right.

  3. @RabNebula no one is doubting that. but he needs to be more clinical. i love nando, i do, but he needs to be able to pull his team out of a bad spot too. just like mata or hazard or lampard are capable of. no one is asking him to be a drogba

  4. im sure he likes it there at chelsea, but at the same time i reckon he misses being at liverpool, and that partnership between him and gerrard was the deadliest in england

  5. Chelsea was lucky & scored at the very last kick against Shakhtar & i’m NOT surprised that Chelsea drew with Liverpool, bcoz it was 10 v 11.

    Roberto Di Matteo, if you wanna keep your JOB, STOP playing LAZY & SLOW Jon Obi Mikel AGAIN!!

    Mikel doesn’t go after balls, positions himself poorly, tackles without using his brain & mentally SLOW to see an opening.

    btw, i’m a BIG 15+ years Chelsea fan.

    Captain John Terry… get well soon, our prayers are with you!!


  7. @msDryful It’s a wrong stat. He completes 72.1% of his passes. Not great but not bad either. Ronaldo for example has 77.7% pass success in La Liga games. 50% would be awful lol.
    Yeah Hazard has had more shots (1 goal from open play and 2 pens).
    But I agree with you, Torres needs to shoot much more, this is the only problem imo.

  8. this time I must agree with you. it is true that chelsea would be better without fernando but then again they should sign someone like drogba, not too expensive but firm player who can score goals i know torres is not the man for the job but at the moment he is the best thing we have, at least until winter transfer month. he has time to show his worth. and yes i think that falcao would be a somewhat bad idea.

  9. disagree, chelsea would be the best team in the world with a top class striker. Fernando is not that man.

  10. He must’ve been wearing that Golden Boot when he deflected for a goal against Shakhtar :D Torres!!

  11. for a striker, by the way chelsea play all-around football not like some other teams where they focus strictly on strikers and they expect at least one goal per match. everyone at chelsea can score goals, we have seen that. all that nando needs is confidence.

  12. agreed – players like Bertrand, Piazon, Mcreachran, Hutchinson, Feruz are all quality – some would argue they’re not Chelsea level but I think it has a lot to do with the way they are transitioned into the side – wether on loan or from the bench
    We’ve partly wasted talent like Kakuta, Borini, Stoch and Mancienne go to waste in how incredibly unremarkable they turned out to be – and the latter stages of their development played some part in that we can assume- either way if we can afford stars..

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