24 Comments On “INSIDE CITY 45: Balotelli, Hart & Zabaleta speak Chinese”

  1. Nasri even warms the couch. LOL

  2. arigato is a portuguese word…

  3. balotelli is dumbass

  4. love camera woman

  5. Speak polish 😉 is hardest than chinese ;p

  6. wow looks like they have amazing job, just looks like fun all day

  7. The crackling when it’s raining sounds awesome!

  8. Balotelli sounds like KSI 😮

  9. Nasri has a perfect typical chinese accent lol!

  10. plzz speak Arabic HAHA !

  11. Classic Nasri..

    so desperate to get any time on camera in a City jersey

  12. Ballotelli reminds me of ksi

  13. 2:02
    mario looking at her boobs :”Damnn mm ”
    women: ”it’s right over there..”

  14. YAYA: challenge denied !

  15. Nasri is my favourite.

  16. madden yaya!

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  18. dat rain !

  19. the weather

  20. hahahhaha

  21. hows the bench hows the bench hows the bench

  22.  klopp lol

  23. yaya toure lol

  24. 1:36 Nasri: Arigatou is ‘Japounese’ LOL

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