25 Comments On “MANCHESTER CITY REWIND 2014 | Man City Advent Calendar 2014 | Day Twelve”

  1. Wich video is that on 1:24 ?

  2. Looking back on the videos you’ve been watching on our channel in 2014.
    Inspired by YouTube’s very own rewind videos over the last few years!

  3. When are you doing the next “teammates” video I really like that video with
    Fernando and mangala

  4. I hope Man City wins the league this year and release more fun videos



  7. Perfect! On my birthday as well haha

  8. champions <3

  9. Pellegrini’s the best manager in the EPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. MCFC OK <3

  11. Man city we do have a great chance to win the league 

  12. I love lfc on the last match day I cried but well done city

  13. it’s a honor to see our Manchester City winning the Barclays

  14. Brilliant.

  15. I am little disapointed. 🙁 Expected more than this.

  16. we are the one how should thank you ,,
    The Best channel ever <3

  17. Great work Manchester city for your sucess in winning the title i like all
    your advent calenders there funny and great to watch.

  18. Nice hahahahahaha

  19. Missing the part where demichellis runs like crazy with the trophy :P

  20. AMAZINGG!!!! I love this.channel.

  21. This is how we feel to be city fans yeahhh

  22. grande city te banco hasta el final

  23. Make sergio aguero dance X’D

  24. i just love this team<3

  25. #mancityforlife<3

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