25 Comments On “Ruud van Nistelrooy – Best Goals for Man Utd”

  1. Big Van Nistlerooy, amazing player and quality striker! Still wish he was
    playing for us!! Tbh he is better than RVP and that is a fact!! 

  2. Ruud van Nistelrooy better than Bergkamp

  3. $ Cash $ Money $ Hero $

    The best striker Man Utd ever had

  4. Обычно глядя на голы каждый говорит себе “и я так могу” . Но ,блин, глядя
    на голы ван Нистельроя я думаю только “КАК??? КАК??? как такое можно
    забить ????”

  5. Keane, Rude and Bekham…

    those were the true legends.

  6. this is one of the reasons CR is so good now, he was schooled by the best
    finisher in England…

  7. The first goal is a pakkage of speed, strenght and technical skills. I
    think its one of the best and the one starting @ 4:44

  8. Top 10 striker of all time.

  9. Schmeichel, Neville, Stam, Vidic, Irwin, Beckham, Keane (c), Scholes,
    Ronaldo, van Persie, van Nistelrooy.

  10. Saw the one at 6:43 live at Giant’s Stadium in New York against Juventus.
    It’s probably on his top 5, unfortunately it’s the best quality there is
    of it really.

  11. fuck maradonna at 5.00, Ruud was just ruthless

  12. These goals are ridiculous. Never has ball control been shown off as much
    as in this video. Like that one color commentator said “oh my god…”

  13. 4:45 to 5:00 is just ridiculous.
    Pure class

  14. One of the best finishers in PES

    Shot Accuracy: 96
    Shot Technique: 95

  15. best striker united has ever had

  16. I agree with Martin Ross. Best I’ve ever seen. Ronaldo, Henry, shearer were
    all amazing but ruud could score from literally nothing, playing in any
    system or setup as he proved when he moved from holland to england to
    Spain. U can’t teach what he had. Had he stayed at utd longer and been
    lucky with injuries he would defo be premier leagues all time top scorer.
    The best.

  17. 5:24 The fans Xd

  18. I miss him!

  19. Van Nistelrooy was the best player I’ve seen play alongside Cristiano
    Ronaldo and Gerrard !

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  21. so easy to score,..hahahaaa…

  22. Hard to find a better striker, was amazing.

  23. Just him Van Lesteras

  24. What a player he was.my favourite united player I’ve seen.ruud Urdu

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