After being claimed as the champions of the 2nd tier English Championship League, Leicester City earned their promotion spot to the Premier League but it has been a rocky road for Nigel Pearson and his squad of players as the team is located in the bottom spots of the Premier League and they already are one of the favorites of being relegated in this season.

On September 21, Leicester City made a sublime performance as they came from behind and despite having conceded 3 goals against Manchester United, the team of Nigel Pearson made a truly remarkable comeback as they finished the match with a final scoreboard of 5-3.

That match has been the highlight of Leicester City so far of this season as everything else has not been going as good as their performance when playing against Manchester United.

Even though Leicester City is located in the bottom section of the Premier League standings, the coach of the squad Nigel Pearson has revealed that the current situation of the club is not an added pressure for him.

Leicester City’s Nigel Pearson said: “I’m under no more pressure than any other week, whether it is this year, last year or any other year. The pressure I’m under is the pressure I put on myself. If that is the case (being under more pressure), it is all pretty ludicrous.

“I have to continue to manage people’s expectations through hysteria and depression. It seems to be one or the other. My expectations are pretty realistic. The goals we have for our group of players remains the same’’

During November and December, Leicester City will have a pretty difficult schedule as they have to face off against top clubs including: Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Southampton. If Nigel Pearson is unable to collect positive results in this period of time, Leicester City could drop even lower in the Premier League standings and the team of Nigel Pearson might be making a return to the Championship League sooner than they wanted.