23 Comments On “Manchester City 1 – 0 Stoke City | Official Highlights The FA Cup Final 2011 14/05/11”

  1. Way ahead of you my man. They’re already on their way.

  2. Tell the grammar police you utter bellend

  3. *you must be used to it at this stage. ‘Yous’ is in fact, not a word. 

  4. winning another premiership this season. You wish. Man city won it and Cheslea will win it this year.

  5. nope i dont

  6. LOLOLOOOO i bet you regret writing this now dont you

  7. Aguero: If Madrid had been interested in me I’d be playing here. I had no choice but to join City.

    What a great thing for your best player to say. At least he is honest.

  8. Blatant handball

  9. Try not to get beat 6-1 again this year.

  10. You forgot to mention the siege at Rooneys home followed by the death threats to him and his family by those black clad MU Fans … Class

  11. yyyaawwwwnnn,jesus you munichs are fucking dumb and pointless cunts.

  12. Success should be earned, not bought, otherwise it is totally hollow and meaningless, like in this video.

  13. For the City Haters.

    When City won the FA Cup in 1904 it was the first time a major national trophy had been won by a Mancunian club.

    City won a trophy four years before Manchester United, 26 years before Arsenal and 51 years before Chelsea.

    City won the FA Cup 61 years before Liverpool and were the first English club to win a domestic and European trophy in the same season.

  14. Brilliant save from Sorensen at 1:12

  15. Yaya fucking Toure is the team.

  16. thankyou

  17. this is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. da ti ebam se man united e najdobar vo svetot i da mi go jadis kurot oj ebise tamu da ti ebam se pizdu ti mater. u need to go suck on your dick u know that cause manchester united is the best man city dosent even have good ply on there they all suck just like u

  19. Apparently I’m a unicorn

  20. smotan :D

  21. iro de puta !!! :()

  22. ti si gubre 😛

  23. fils de putte d’anglais de merde l’histire n’est pas fini sale rageux de pd de merde !!!

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