24 replies on “Hitler reacts to Man Utd’s 6-1 defeat to Manchester City”

  1. You can make your own one here… ://downfall.jfedor.org/create/. you just have to provide the text and the site does the rest……just search ” HITLER” in youtube

  2. thank god i dont understand german
    i coud’nt have enjoyed this
    lol goering’s telegram 😛

  3. You can’t navigate Youtube properly without being able to see the title. You’d need your brother to read the title of every out. And I never asked why you were illiterate, only how you navigate Youtube. Also, I’ve never been on 9gag or 4chan in my life, “obvious troll is obvious” isn’t a trademarked 9gag quote, it’s an internet phrase.

  4. God I hate these fucking 9gag and 4chan sentences. Boring repetition is boring. Redundant copycat is redundant. How do I write this and navigate youtube? As I said genius, my brother writes it, and youtube is very simple there are thumbnails everywhere. I am illiterate for a reason that is none of your business thank you very much.

  5. this is probably the funniest HITLER REACTION.. and iv’e seen a few,, taffy love rat..lmao

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