23 replies on “Paul Pogba vs. Stoke City 31.01.2012[HD]by Vladislav Fadeev”

  1. You’re right I guess… Really sad as a united fan to have seen him go! But we couldn’t really afford to play him in the league at the time… This was going to be his season to start making appearances… He’s going to be amazing though!

  2. Well, it was kind of Alex’s fault, if he really wanted him to stay at the club, he would have at least given the kid some playtime. United will regret the decision in 5 years, when Pogba will be one of the greatest DM’s in the world.

  3. Not man united fault, he decided he wanted to move… sir alex did as much as he could to keep him!

  4. Haha man united fucked it up, he’s soon going to become a legend, scored a great goal for Juventus the other day

  5. Am i fucked in the head ? you are the one saying he is in the best midfield after barca LOL juva are shit.

  6. are you actually fucked in the head, Powells good but Pogba is now establishing himself in arguably the best midfield in the world after Barcelona.

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