25 Comments On “Man City 3-2 QPR – Manchester City Champions celebrations | Premier League”

  1. CTWD

  2. Gloryhunters, gloryhunters olé olé olé!

  3. lolz

  4. 01:21 Why is that lad wearing a kagool in May, when the sun’s out? Haha!

  5. im a big fan from saudi arabia ,,, gooooooooooooooooooooooooo citizens

  6. Fucking chavs


  8. why leave early ?

  9. WE ARE Q P R……we let you win the league……WELL done…….we hate UNITED

  10. Every time I’ve been to OT for an away game it’s been stunningly difficult to find a Manchester accent there because their ticket prices have pushed most of the real local United fan into the pubs, armchair, or FC United and they have been replaced by southern glory hunters and tourists. Now look at this video and listen to the people, local fans with character who have supported City through and through. I’m proud to be one of them, season ticket holder and Mancunian. One Club, One City.

  11. Like the litle girl 0.40 between all these big people screaming whe are city whe are city….LOL!!!

  12. Ok.. Here you go…

  13. 5:41 arabs

  14. Try “This Is How It Felt To Be City” on Amazon (Kindle) – Season Review for only £2.50

  15. so…not a football fan? :S

  16. what has your imaginary friend got to do with the premier league title?

  17. lets hope it utds years in the wilderness from now on!!!! its allah,s will….hahahahhahahaha

  18. your living with them ! redneck

  19. not really, Man Utd fans are not from manchester.

    Only MAN CITY fans live in manchester.

    Manchester City is the only football club in Manchester.

  20. Am I wrong or they are using the spanish word “campeones” instead of “champions”? anyway congratulations City. Greetings from South America.

  21. Never seen so many ugly people in my life!

  22. Anyone noticed the delicious irony in that the dislikes are in red?

  23. isnt it awesome? theses scenes shows how celebration can be done together football brings people close #together


  25. Good for you.

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