23 replies on “TUNNEL CAM: City 3-2 QPR Behind the scenes at the Etihad Stadium”

  1. I would blow 40 different men, all from Africa, just to experience what they did.

    no homo

  2. shawn wright phillips is still my favorite player its sad he couldnt be with city for this but its great to see him on the field doing what he does best. CITY <3

  3. @thedeweylad1 I admit scholes was a class player but i think that you would benefit when he retires as he is old

  4. I was in the dressing after the game getting autographs and saw every single player naked. There was loads of people in the dressing room. I’ve been in the dressing room getting autographs plenty of times down the years and the players certainly aren’t shy. I videoed about 30 minutes of it on my phone. After almost every match Vincent Kompany is the last one in the shower. He always puts on these dead tight shorts on when he’s getting changed and always struggles to lift them above his bare arse

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