23 Comments On “TUNNEL CAM: City 3-2 QPR Behind the scenes at the Etihad Stadium”

  1. Is it just me or did joey barton just go into the city dressing room at 5:14

  2. Fuck sake, all I wanted to see was Barton in the tunnel after he got sent off :/

  3. 3:42 – 3:53 cunt.

  4. i decide that they are fucking legends.

  5. @jim smith you’re an asshole dickhead. Jealous little cunt fuck off. Fag.

  6. Haters gonna hate.

  7. fully grown adults who have just won the league!

  8. is it me or did the guy miss out like half the team when he read them out?

  9. 20:00 Fully grown adults OR a bunch of asshole dickheads ? You decide.

  10. whaT he say

  11. QPR-quality players ruined

  12. Kolarov at 19:55.’Ahey

  13. They always have to clean the tunnel off at Man City after Balotelli throws his shit about.

  14. Even if all of that was true, you’re extremely fucked up.

  15. Shaun <3

  16. I would blow 40 different men, all from Africa, just to experience what they did.

    no homo

  17. Joey ” The Cunt” Barton

  18. shawn wright phillips is still my favorite player its sad he couldnt be with city for this but its great to see him on the field doing what he does best. CITY <3

  19. News From Around The World

    @thedeweylad1 I admit scholes was a class player but i think that you would benefit when he retires as he is old

  20. BALOTELLI HAHAAHAHAHA que negro limado!!!

  21. VAMOS CITY!!!

  22. I was in the dressing after the game getting autographs and saw every single player naked. There was loads of people in the dressing room. I’ve been in the dressing room getting autographs plenty of times down the years and the players certainly aren’t shy. I videoed about 30 minutes of it on my phone. After almost every match Vincent Kompany is the last one in the shower. He always puts on these dead tight shorts on when he’s getting changed and always struggles to lift them above his bare arse

  23. FAKE

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