25 Comments On “Stoke City 0-8 Liverpool 2000-01 League Cup”

  1. 8 goals & Carragher didnt even get on the scoresheet haha. Even Hyppia got in the act

  2. Commentator after the 6th goal thats, game set and match for liverpool.. was he expecting a comeback from 5 down….or what.

  3. God, how I miss this Liverpool team 🙂

  4. We need another fowler and owen badly.

  5. For proud scousers everywhere. A free email address.

  6. We can’t beat them anymore! D:

  7. hell, who know man city existed back then lol

  8. Back when Liverpool were title contenders

  9. oh my, robbie folwer still playing, awsome

  10. 0:09 sums it up

  11. theyve lost count lol

  12. O how the tides has change as time goes by..

  13. incredible

  14. They could have taken the lead but instead they lost 0-8. Very impressive!

  15. 0:07 xD

  16. that’s how much the english game has stepped up since then. stoke looked like amateurs

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  18. if owen was there it would have been 28-0

  19. it stands 9-0 on the stadium

  20. Thumbs up if u read about the miss byStoke in Gerrards autobiography.

  21. Those Mitre balls, heavy as heck!

  22. :(

  23. To be fair to him he’s coming right back into form. Should do alright next season.

  24. Yes. Have you seen his form lately!

  25. 0:44 Zoltan!

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