23 Comments On “INSIDE CITY 44: Joe Hart in FIFA 13 Tournament #FIFA13CelebCup”

  1. big up micah for naming his team after where he comes from!! were proud!

  2. I’m British and no it isn’t.

  3. duudee working at man city looks fun

  4. john guidetti watching dutch tv?

  5. *how much staff is the correct way

  6. united player standin there like two nobeds hate united

  7. John Guidetti = HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. balotelli learned how to put his bib on good on him.

    Rest off video i like

  10. Again, Read my comment and absorb the truth

  11. 4:40, JOHN GUIDETTI!!!!!!! He’s a legend in Rotterdam

  12. i gaurentee thats not the case people were saying this in 2006 we are the pat present and future get jealous bitch

  13. lol typical butthurt United fan, City are the future, United are the past

  14. 2:24 he can put a bib on properly

  15. Man City > Man United

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  17. Why did the cameraman say Gracias? Maicon is from Brazil -_-
    He speaks Portuguese

  18. Casillas is great! haha

  19. fuck you city bastard 😉

  20. bibotelli

  21. fuck you man u bastard

  22. 9:19 SWEATY GOAL

  23. 2:20 Mario actually managing to get his vest on

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