25 replies on “Man Utd 3-2 Aston Villa – Hernandez Amazing Come Back 10/11/2012”

  1. okay, you are pushing your luck a bit to hard. mexico has improved very well last 3 or 2 years, then again that is what we, the public said on the londong olimpics, mexico was a good contender but not the favorite to win gold. and shit happended.

  2. Aguevo putos todos esos k se burlan de su ingles akien le importa si le entienden alfinal de cuentas es una estrella de uno de los clubes mas importantes del mundo este CH14 tiene lo k todos esos pobres diablos k lo critican no tienen elCH14 un buen carro, mucho dinero y bonitas mujeres a kien putas le importa su ingles VIVA ELMEXICAN POWER

  3. Very good player but he panics everytime he plays in Mexico.
    too much pressure on him there and giovanni dos santos needs to find a good team and stick to it already.

  4. Young is not a natural striker, so there’s no promblem with him, Young is more like a left wing or left medium, Hernandez is a great striker so I’m with you, he has to be a game starter!

  5. Chicharito is proving Ferguson that he has everything needed to be in the initial lineup, He has been scoring awesome goals, Welbeck sucks! baddly, and Young is not bad but Chicharito is better.
    Rooney, Van persie and Chicharito, playing together = Man u champion!

    Viva Mexico Cabrones!!

  6. The way he says “the Most Important thing”is so funny!!! Still he is the best in his goal scoring abilities…and that is the most important thing!! 🙂

  7. Best comment ever, I never really liked welbeck in the 1st place, he holds up play and waste chance after chance. Welbeck, 10 chance 1 goal. Hernandez, 1 chance 1 goal.

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