25 replies on “Chelsea FC – Happy Birthday Oriol Romeu”

  1. yes i kno look at your origanal comment you say ” For those o you who don’t know how to pronounce Azpilicueta’s name it is: Az – pili – sweat – a ” u said sweat – a , its acctually queta retard

  2. This is supposed to be a nice cute video about these two. Why are people hating on chelsea. Get over it already.

  3. We’ll just call you Dave!, We’ll just call you Dave!
    Azpillicueta We’ll just call you Dave!

  4. definitely! look at real madrid, city and united.. they all got at least 2 world class strikers at their disposal while we are a bit light up front

  5. What a day!! Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal, Tottenham 3-2 ManUtd!! ahaha, today couldnt get any better

  6. fair enough… but i think we can agree we need a top, top striker like cavani or falcao instead of torres or sturridge

  7. no its not. i love torres, but im truly fed up with his poor control and losing possession easily and i wouldnt run riot when he gets dropped to the bench if he cant up his goalscoring tally

  8. what im trying to say is, that he aint that good people always say he is.
    if you guys would scream for someone like aguero, rvp, drogba etc or even gomez, i would just shut my mouth and accept it. but i dont think sturridge can contribute much more than nando, just my opinion. if he manages to get it clicking, im happy and would be taught better, because chelsea > torres.
    i like torres, yeah but believe me: im fed up with his poor control and his wasteful finishing!

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