24 Comments On “INSIDE CITY 43: Real Madrid away in the Champions League”

  1. 13:45 parkcore

  2. stayed at that hotel

  3. 14:00 ma non rompere i coglioni, italian meaning : stop fucking annoying me hahaha 😛

  4. And they lost…
    haha 😀

  5. 7:12 human doorstop

  6. UltimateWarrior45

    I wish I could play in Manchester City. God, they must’ve enjoyed so much. #GoodLife!

  7. At 1:40 it looks like the woman’s thumb is in front of “porn hub”

  8. Lukas Appelquist


  9. i love balotelli so much. full homo.

  10. RealMadridCF1213

    hhaaa u mad bitchy boy

  11. suck a dick fag

  12. I don’t like Man City but they have the best youtube channel so far

  13. 7:25 – Tevez and Balotelli hahaha

  14. Yep , and they are 1080p not like the chelsea channel -.-

  15. Maicon is actually a very funny man. He don’t speak English, but in Inter he was the joker in the team. He always sang and danced.

  16. 07:44 i thought he was justin bieber

  17. so now balotelli dint know how to put on a ring………

  18. RealMadridCF1213

    Fox should replace Being Liverpool with this man shity stuff.

  19. 2:40 Maicon talks to that guy about the coreography of Curva Nord in the ’10 Madrid final and who has the best fans in the world. FORZA INTER!

  20. haha maicon, DAT SMILE

  21. omg they got lucozade for free at training ! :12:45

  22. 7:27 HUEVO NO TENE!! grande carlitos jajaj

  23. 2:43 maicon talks about supporters and great moments..from.. 2010 uefa champions league..against bayern…

  24. Thank god i’m not the only one

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