25 replies on “Hannover 96 Vs Manchester United 3-4 – All Goals & Match Highlights – August 11 2012 – [HQ]”

  1. I’m guessing the only game you’ve watched is Chelsea vs United.. Because we’ve won all of the others without shitty refs..

  2. clearly i rly hate dives in a test match. btw u have no proof too. u just say that it was no dive and the holy rooney cant hold his leg in the air, while he jumps over the goalkeeper.
    my proof is this video, where the obvious is shown by the slowmotion. he uses his leg to pretend a foul by the goalkeeper and thats no hate, thats just poor truth and a really unfair action!

  3. lol clearly ur a hater so yeh. speculating whitout any proof amazing.

  4. this was such an obvious dive, that dont need to explain why it is one -.-“

  5. did u mean “Manchester United – SUPER CLATTENBURG”?

  6. How can u say its a dive. Clearly that made contact and obv rooney was trying to jump over the keeper until the keeper made contact with rooney’s leg. 

  7. the last chance was a result of the 3-3 goal….
    poor dive in a test match

  8. that was no dive? well THAT is a great joke. it was such an obvious dive, that i wonder how the referee could give that penalty. well and its so poor to do that in a test match

  9. comebacks? roony dive in a test match. thats just poor, otherwise they would have lost

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