23 replies on “Anfield Tunnel: Acces All Areas v Stoke City”

  1. I like how´╗┐ crouch has already given his shirt away but when suarez leaves a shirt for him he said he will get him another ­čÖé top man

  2. players who truely love liverpool´╗┐ will always touch it. See Gerrard.. Shelvey and Henderson touched it too the young guys.

  3. 06:55
    Pulis: “You okay?”
    Kenny: “Stoked.”

    Haha, nice pun´╗┐ there.

  4. 02:09 King Kenny is´╗┐ like ‘this music… ama get the fuck outta here’ LEGEND.

  5. jermain pennet´╗┐ blantley been wanking on the bus while listening to niki minaj ­čÖé

  6. thats so awesome! the liverpool way. touching the anfield sign before you´╗┐ walk out. BR should make it mandatory that every player touches the sign!

  7. What what what what what loyal did you say´╗┐ loyal???????????????????? He nearly went to chelsea when Jose was there and you lot burnt his shirts outside Anfield

  8. Manda u r such a flipin retart… Keep telln’ ya self ur nt frikn´╗┐ doochebag..!

  9. Have you ever won the premier league? What’s the difference between Owen and Gerard Owen has won the premier league what’s the difference between ince and redknapp yes ince has won the premier league what’s the difference between Torres and Suarez hahahaha Hahahahahaha´╗┐

  10. Liverpool have already won the League many´╗┐ times- so your “funny” comment doesn’t even make sense. You really need to protect the small quantity of brain cells that you have left.

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