24 Comments On “EXCLUSIVE James Milner: #askjames Man City player answers fans’ Twitter questions answered”

  1. lol katie perry or susan boyle wat a lad whoever asked that

  2. Yes Milner! Lufc!

  3. he’s obviously never seen anchorman

  4. Wonder what his PSN is 😉

  5. i wonder if iv’e ever come across him on the PS3 :OOOOOO

  6. Now where we won the league, did u get a Glass of bubbly James?

  7. I wonder if he plays golf with Tevez

  8. I want his psn account!!! XD


  10. i like milner as a player, but fuckinghell isnt he boring


  12. I have a question, why don’t you ever move your jaw when you speak?

  13. aaaaaaahahha i couldnt stop laughing when he said alright our kid

  14. great player and his jaw is a tank

  15. Milner England captain he looks like a good guy

  16. if hes a leeds fan, for the best stadiums question he should of had one anwser, ELLAND ROAD!

  17. shut the fuck up dick head 

  18. nice hes got a ps3 🙂

  19. “whats do you like to get from the chippy”

    Milner: *shrugs it off* “fish and chips just standard” *shrugs it off* lol

  20. glory hunter

  21. glory hunter

  22. Golf ps2? Pl player really

  23. i love milners voice!! he should become a commentator after his footballing career..

  24. 2:54 hahaha

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