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  1. im´╗┐ 15 years of age and i play as a gk.i would love to play for stoke when i grow older ­čÖé

  2. Ye agree completely. I’m Stoke through and through but to say our supporters are the most loyal is massively disrespectful to the poor fuckers who follow the likes of Lincoln City and Grimsby Town across the country.´╗┐

  3. i know i dont like that tag we have. it started as the loudest fans in´╗┐ the uk… fair enough, it was proven by sky tv. it didnt say most loyal and didnt say best- it said we reached the highest volume than any other club at one moment in one game. its just been made into this most loyal/ best fans in england…. i really dont like it and its even printed on the tickets…. hate it!

  4. OK as a Corporate Video and it shows the progress the Club has made in the last few years .. most of the points made can apply to most cities where there is one main team .. it doesn’t mention our main advantages which include local / english ownership – either way most clubs in´╗┐ the country would be desperate to change places with Stoke so long may that last …. Goaaarrrrn Stoke

  5. When derby get in the prem league then you can comment but until then give respect to what Stoke´╗┐ city have done.

  6. i respect stoke city immensely but just about everything quoted in that vid can be out quoted by another team from a similarly sized city. for example i’m not a derby fan but stoke are overacheiving as a club right now and they’re selling out their 30,000 stadium however derby are underacheiving in the championship and getting the same numbers. most loyal? it’s allright being´╗┐ loyal in the good times but stoke didn’t fill the britannia till they got in the prem, leeds on the other hand…

  7. 30 miles west of the heart of the country, sorry´╗┐ stoke but derby is the heart of the country

  8. why go to Manchester, Liverpool or London when you can go to Stoke is the question I think your looking for. It clearly´╗┐ says in the clip “the most loyal fans in England” pffffffft half the Man U fans come from China!

  9. @AmyBowers12 haha absolutely not i can see/ think/ comprehend clearly and Stoke is an´╗┐ absolute shithole.
    You can tart it up all you like on a video but youll never attract any world class players to Stoke City, why come to Stoke why you can go to Manchester , Liverpool or London?

  10. Stoke City the dumbest, shittiest, ugly football´╗┐ side in the world!

    They don’t play football they play something more like rugby

  11. Christ however you tart it up Stoke and Stoke City will always be SHIT (Up the Vale even though i´╗┐ left Stoke as its a shithole)

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