25 replies on “Stoke City Potter Mouth Wembley FA Cup Full Version with VIDEO-MUST SEE”

  1. Whats the tune that starts at 0:33, it’s also layed at every stoke game at the brit but i don’t know what its called.

  2. its sad becuase stoke did so well and to get to the final and lose wish they had won most ,ppl wher routing for stoke that day

  3. I’m a Man City fan, your fans were great the other day, I’ll root for you in the Europa League

  4. OVER 30k !! Over and out from me ………. next comment from me hopefully will say we now have the FA CUP ! goooooaaaaarnnnn stoke

  5. Omg i cant belive stoke got flippin thro wats the link to get song on ur phone?????? xxxxxxxx

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