11 Comments On “Football Analysis – Chelsea Vs Reading 4-2 Lampard, Torres, Guthrie & Cahill Goals! – 22/08/2012”

  1. Thanks man´╗┐ ­čÖé

  2. great channel, keep´╗┐ its up. ^_^

  3. Good match´╗┐ at the away end close game

  4. Same, was a cracking match!´╗┐

  5. I would love to see him do well this´╗┐ season!

  6. Thanks´╗┐ man!

  7. nice´╗┐ video <3

  8. I realy liked GARY CAHILL’s goal´╗┐ Vs READING……JONATHAN from Zambia.

  9. come on torres´╗┐

  10. Happy´╗┐ glad Chelsea won. I don’t like reading and I’m saints

  11. Gaming video’s rendering now´╗┐ Lads! Bare with me! ­čÖé What did you think to the game?

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