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  1. Dude people like u always say that he needs time or keep calm its not his first season why cant u just admit that his not the same the only reason why he plays is because he cost 50 million nd cant just bench him nd cause we only have 2 strikers nd sturridge is fuking selfish

  2. Sturridge is a very selfish player, he don’t deserve to play at Chelsea. Torres is the right man for us right now just keep calm and believe in him he will prove that he is the best !!!!

  3. Chelsea should sign shurrle nd lewandowski instead of falcao in jan with the money falcao cost they could buy this two also cause atletico is not going to sell falcao in january

  4. bench torres..i always supported him but now i think he lost it. he needs to think like a striker not a midfielder! and bench mikel! nonsense in midfield

  5. I think Sturridge needs to get more minutes in the game, also Mikel need to be more agressive on his objective! Moses can serve as an option, Torres failed on many ocassions and doesn’t seem to be hungry for goals! Any defender drops him and takes the ball away from him, if they don’t all put their act together Chelsea might loae to Juventus and that will be awful as chaces would be slight to go on passed the current stage in tge Champs League :S

  6. If Mikel goes in Jan and a replacement DM is bought in who is mobile,can tackle and has games under his belt as opposed to Chelsea’s only other DM- Romeu who has made sporadic appearances for a season and a half now and hardly had any game time,I don’t think Mikel leaving would have any major effect on Chelsea’s results.If however there is no suitable replacement then yes it could hamper us.Replace the leaving player and I doubt Mikel’s absence would be a problem.

  7. Well see how chelsea plays in january without mikel since his leaving for the african cup nations lets see if the team plays better without him nd if not then he really is good like some of you people say he is

  8. Eh? Are you off your head? You said he made the most interceptions on either team. All I said was he made 2, the same as Rami. What you are prattling on about fuck knows? Nowhere have I said that Mikel needs to be replaced or that he played horrible you PMSing fool. Get a bloody grip.

  9. Why on earth why you saying he played horrible, if he had 88% pass completion? Can’t you remember the ball he intercepted and quickly passed to Hazard? Hazard took too long and was pushed further up pitch away from the post by the defender…Anyways who do you want to replace Mikel? And don’t say Fellaini…Our problem has not been at the double pivot since Rambo and Mikel combo started playing there. It is up front, the striker position. Torres is squandering chances on each and every game.

  10. These are the stats I have for Mikel- 2 interceptions,gave away 3 fouls,88%pass completion,5 tackles, dispossessed -1, turnover-1.
    Ramires- 2 interceptions,gave away 1 foul,89%pass completion,7 tackles, dispossessed- not even once, turnover-1
    Do correct me if I am wrong but from what I see Mikel definitely did not have the most interceptions.

  11. Sturridge was like a ghost cause di matteo waits until the last minutes of gaming cause apperently he thinks torres going to score but its allways crap with him his always fuking up

  12. Torres did alright today, stole the ball and had many shots, probably more than he had in previous games. Sturridge was like a ghost, he didn’t really try. Yes, Chelsea may need someone, maybe Dzeko, Falcao is so expensive.

  13. i’m NOT surprised that Chelsea drew with Liverpool bcoz it was 10 v 11.

    Roberto Di Matteo, if you wanna keep your JOB, STOP playing LAZY & SLOW Jon Obi Mikel AGAIN!!

    Mikel doesn’t go after balls, positions himself poorly, tackles without using his brain & mentally SLOW to see an opening.

    btw, i’m a BIG 15+ years Chelsea fan… (but now, only when Mikel is NOT playing)

    Captain John Terry, get well soon… our prayers are with you!!

  14. I like torres but fuck its enough already how long does this guy needs to score a fuking goal its not his first season here bring lewandoski falcao is too expensive

  15. You are viewing the the wrong video, on the YouTube search bar just write History channel and the click. It will address what you have achieved in the pre-historic Barclays Primier League times. I bet you weren’t even conceived during the so called glorious years! Good luck in you quest for past glory and NEVER STOP TO KEEP ON WALKING ALONE!

  16. With all honesty, I hope you have watched the game and you are commenting about it because you have thorough analyzed his incompetence but not because what you have been reading from fanboys on the internet! Mikel was outstanding, he has won so many balls today, in fact he has intercepted more balls than any player on pitch for both teams. The goal Liverpool scored came from Hazard, he gave the ball and barely chased it to get it back. Why don’t you blame him? Shakhtar away he did the same thing

  17. Think about it, weve alredy started to lose and draw not to mention we have no reassurance in the frontline. I mean sturridge is very young and torres just doesnt show up. Not to mention our defense is quite unorganised.

  18. youre exactly right, I guess RDM is a bit casual sometimes but I think we have been playing good football under him. But more passion is needed.

  19. We need to get a DM cause mikel is too fuking slow nd gives the ball too often dont understand why some fans says that his one of the best palyers for chelsea he needs to be in the bench..nd a new forward cause its like we play 10vs11 it doensnt need to be falcao just some one that can score goals cause both of ohr strikers are not good

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