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  1. umm we do have our own culture… We invented baseball which is the “great american pastime”

  2. Re-read again, I’m talking about so called ‘American culture’ – if there is such a thing, instead of dwelling on being an immigrant nation, get your own history and culture, created your own instead of ripping off ours and changing a few names round just to try and make it look unique when it is just a rip off with a new name.

  3. Of course you wont but keep that shit so called culture to yourself, and do not DARE bring your made up Yankee words and wrongly mis-titled sports to anything to do with the British isles and it’s nations.
    And stop ripping off every other nations culture and history, get your own, you’re still a set of Plastic Paddie minded scum and act more like a colony patch work owned by many other nations rather than a nation of your own.
    You’ve been your own nation over two centuries now, act like it Yank.

  4. it doesn’t matter .. us brits have decided we are going to start kissing Russian and Chinese arse from now on .. so America will be up shit creek from now on .. you wont be laughing then

  5. pffft. We have the strongest army in the world. Maybe you guys can come over here on July 4th and celebrate us kicking you guys out of our country.

  6. well you better had change the name or us brits will come over to America and burn down your whitehouse again

  7. it’s simple logic. Do you really expect us to change the name of our most popular sport for your football. No. Since it is more of a minor sport here, we call it soccer, since football is already taken. It will ALWAYS be called soccer here. It is in our culture and our history. Get over it.

  8. But you’re sitting there making up names for sports, while somebody just gave you a perfect explanation as to why it is called football in our country. Just like you get upset how we call football soccer, aren’t you doing the same thing by calling our football handegg? It’s hypocrisy at its finest.

  9. typical arrogant americans calling baseball the world series … when only americans play in it

  10. typical arrogant americans calling their crappy sport football and changing the name of real football to soccer

  11. Lol, do the Brits really call American Football handegg? Lol, that’s hilarious. I might have to start calling it that myself, just for shits and giggles. XD

  12. These people that you are referring to just, in my opinion, serve to prove my point about British not being as respectful to others’ (specifically American, in this case) cultures. The sport is not called handegg, *anywhere*. If you’re in America, Canada, or a few non-English speaking countries, the sport is called the English word “football”.

    If you’re Australia, the sport is called the Engish word “gridiron”.

    Any other countries, it’s called “american football” in the native language.

  13. In Britain, y’all call it american football. I’m American, and I know this.

    Y’all have BUAFL(British Universities American Football League), for university-level american football, and the BAFANL(British American Football Association National Leagues) for club-level american football.

    If we’re looking for alternative names to american football, then gridion football should do the trick. The football part remains, though. It is the name. You can be respectful, or you can prove my point.

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  15. Maybe they should tryout for A. Football cause you all aren’t doing so hot over here in the states at your sport.

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