25 replies on “Paul Pogba at Chelsea FC – Football Manager Experiment”

  1. How can you tell he’s improved from the polygon? I usually go on the
    attributes page and click ‘show recent changes’ :)

  2. How do you sim through your seasons so quickly?? And I don’t get it, are
    you managing chelsa or what are you doing??

  3. You probably have answered this hundreds of times before, but what skin are
    you using and where can we find it? Also what images are you using (player
    faces, badges, kits etc.). Thank you

  4. How do u move players from club to club for free? I’m not familiar to
    football manager

  5. Might of been a good idea to see if he became a legend or icon at chelsea
    once he retired? Just an idea :)

  6. This might sound like a stupid question but how do you skip forward years
    into the future? I’m kinda new to FM 

  7. Those B’s in Germany like in KieBling are pronounced like an S so it’s
    pronounced Kiessling. Just a heads up :)

  8. I’d love to see you stick a striker like Mario Balotelli on the projected
    bottom MLS team to see if he can take them to the top before he

  9. On your next experiment you should do a “club vs country” test, and replace
    3/4 weak world cup finalists with 3/4 Strong and reasonably strong clubs
    players (cloning players if required, so Ronaldo can play for both
    teams)(Real/Pool/Anderlecht for example) and see how they do against world
    cup teams.

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