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  1. My top 5 (Still Playing):
    1. Alex Pritchard
    2. Steven Gerrard
    3. Luis Suarez
    4. David Lopez
    5. Hulk

  2. My favorite 5 freekick takers of all time 5. Rogerio Ceni 4. Rivelinho 3.
    Chilavert 2. Roberto Carlos 1. Ronaldinho


  3. Guys I’m loving the show every week that you put up, been a long time
    viewer ever since you boys would travel to some awesome fields, and skill
    about with Cristiano in he’s united days, Nani and Van der Vaart. And until
    now you havent ceased to amuse.
    I would like to maybe see some player transfer rumours going around and
    seeing your opinions on them, would it be a good move, would they lead a
    team to victory etc etc.
    Keep it up boys! Love your work! +F2Freestylers +/Football!

  4. my top 5 ronaldinho, hagi, ronaldo, roberto carlos juninho
    your top 5- Juninho, Ronaldinho, beckham, Ronaldo, Bale

  5. You guys don’t see the bigger picture. Why should Moyes be sacked? No
    manager can do better if the players aren’t playing to the best of their
    ability. We’re in a transition period, the players need to get used to his
    methods. Rafael has been injured twice, RVP has been injured, Carrick is
    injured right now. He took over an average squad, not a world class squad.
    Because Fergie was the manager, nobody realised that. We need a better left
    back. Smalling has been playing out of position as right back instead of
    centre back. Jones is a centre back but has been playing in midfield where
    we lack. Rio will retire soon and our best centre back Vidic is about 30 or
    31. We also don’t have a consistent pairing in the centre of defence. Our
    midfield need a world class centre mid, Carrick is the only good one we
    have and Giggs doesn’t have much time left. There’s no creativity in our
    midfield. Our only decent wingers are Januzaj who’s a teenager and is still
    learning and Valencia. Young definitely needs to leave. Kagawa has been
    played out of position and Welbeck too, who is not a winger and also lacks
    good finishing. We were never going to win the league this season, just
    making the top 4 would be a successful season. Moyes needs time and that’s
    exactly what he’ll get. Because we’re Manchester United and have the
    reputation we do, everyone looks at that and makes our situation look worse
    than it is. One mistake that Moyes did make was not buying players in the
    transfer window but January is coming up and he needs to make amends. This
    is our lowest points total at this stage of the season (22) since 2001-02
    when we had 21, and we finished third. You’re forgetting that
    we’ve qualified for the next stage of the Champions League and have
    defeated a high flying Arsenal who apart from us and the UCL, haven’t had
    many difficult matches. They just played Everton and they next play Napoli,
    City and Chelsea. When Fergie came to the club, he took 3 years to find his
    best side and you know what happened after that. Manchester United
    fans need to stand by Moyes and not be impatient by saying “Moyes Out”
    because that’s not what we need. David Moyes will get it right, even if it
    takes him a few years. If it does and I believe it will, I’m happy with
    that and I’m happy to wait. 

  6. I hear you guys, I’ve been a united follower sense a decade ago but the
    words coming out of Moyes mouth are quite bold! Freaking Bold! Still jezz
    arsenal I’ll be serious with you, bravo mate. There really pulling strong

  7. Im a united fan he does need time it takes time for ..fergie to settle
    (nearly relagated ),a plant to grow ….for citys abu dahbi money income…
    it takes time.

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