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  1. I don’t think it’s right to boo a team when they don’t win a game. Or
    because they are playing shit. The season is a long one and there’s enough
    time for the team to gel, get used to AVB tactics and have a great run of
    wins. So keep your mouth shut and keep supporting your team if you’re a
    real Tottenham fan.

  2. To Gary Bauer, one win does not a season or manager make, even if it is
    against manure. And these supporters that “aren’t real or loyal” that are
    buying tickets to see Spurs at WHL ARE Tottenham. Without the supporters
    there is no Tottenham Hotspur & I am sure they work work damn hard in order
    to buy those tickets & so have the right to voice their opinion. If you
    can’t get a ticket to see Tottenham then you aren’t the ‘real’ supporter
    cos even with over 26,000 season tickets sold, I get there

  3. im MAN U all the way!! but u have to give congrats when its due. i dont
    think the yids would of won if we had smalls,vids and jonesy at the back.
    at this present moment, our defence is like ubekistan national team and are
    goals againsts is not like 19 times champions. avb cant be crap if the mans
    who 3 titles in one season with porto. the geezer breathes football and
    apparently he slept in his car at spurs ground waiting to take training.
    reckon he will be better than mourinho in time

  4. That win was for all you boo boy’s who wrote off AVB without giving him a
    chance. I never thought I would see the day when the fan’s of the club that
    I have supported all my life would turn on their own team. I bet you are
    celebrating now you bunch of fickle wankers! You should be banned & let the
    real fan’s into White Hart Lane. Stop taking the tickets away from the
    loyal fan’s & go support the Woolwich Gooners!

  5. Celebrated to write a moment in the history book by beating Mancherster
    united at old trafford for like 20-30 years.

  6. How can you possibly boo a team which had a new manager put in place who
    plays a totally different philosophy/Style/Formation to Harry & expect them
    to hit the ground running. I Understood what AVB was trying to implement at
    Chelski hence knew he would need time at Spurs to do the same. Just because
    someone has the money to buy a ticket to the lane does not make them a real
    supporter or does it give them the right to boo something they have no
    comprehension of.

  7. i’m and arsenal fan and i have always like AVB and wouldn’t mind him at
    arsenal. the way Spusr are going with him in few years they will be looking

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