13 replies on “Football Manager 2013 – Man City Youth Challenge – Part 33 – Young Guns?”

  1. Its the fact that WE the subscribers KNOW that we can’t see the matches,
    hence why you get less views. If we was able to see the matches, I’m sure
    you would get more views.

  2. Mainly show games like Spurs Vs Man City instead of something like QPR Vs
    Man City if you’re planning to show 1 game per episode.

  3. I dont see the point in those vids anymore , your only showing results
    which its pretty boring. When you started this series you showed everything
    which is what everyone liked.

  4. What’s happened to Marcos lopes, Denis Suarez and Vlad Marin? And bring
    through Oliver Ntcham because he turns out really good

  5. You should do a game with Liverpool, I did a save with Aston Villa (who I
    support) and I think because you support the team it really drives you on.
    I never was really bothered about other saves but in my Aston Villa save
    I’m currently just finished the 16/17 season. I won the league last year
    but only finished 4th this year :(. Got knocked out of the Champions League
    group stages, got to the final of the FA Cup and lost to United in extra
    time and I won the Carling Cup!

  6. hey toff ive got a tactic you should try, its not mine but it works greatly
    atleast 20-25 shots each game

  7. I may be able to make it so I can show a match being played but I can’t do
    it so I can show everything otherwise i’d never get anywhere. I thought
    people watched this so they can see how good the players get, but I will
    include some gameplay in the future. It wont be all the games but at least
    1 live game an episode

  8. Your FM series is one of the best around here but with only one minor
    problem – too little videos =). Would be good to see at least two FM videos
    a week, I think people enjoy watching how these boys progress. More vids,
    more talking about talents developing (like “Oh, Nyang’s Finishing has gone
    up to 20 and he’s learnt a PPM to dribble through the center”) and maybe a
    live match like good old times and this series will blow up in views and

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