25 replies on “Manchester United 1998/99 Season Review PART 1/2”

  1. i used to watch that video every night before bed as a kid! i was only 5 when we won the treble. i guess i was raised right lol MUFC TILL I DIE!!!

  2. We played like nowadays barca, that one two pass.. Our 99 team could give barca a run for their money today..

  3. He left for portugal because the seasons were not as long and grueling as the premier league. Then he came back to villa then city for a year. A bit hypocritical haha

  4. Wouldnt say it was considered much more than today, its just player’s values were more appropriate. The same year Vieri went from Lazio to Inter for £31mil, only 3 years later Zidane went to madrid for a world record £46.5 mill and Buffon went for £32 mill which is still unheard of today for a goalkeeper so I would consider them all bargains based on how much was paid and what they brought to the club.

  5. Anyone that says we didn’t deserve that Champions League win can fuck off. Look at the group we started with, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and Brondby (who were half decent back then) What a year that was. So many amazing games.

  6. This was around when the orginal Ronaldo was the world’s most expensive player at
    19,5 million pounds, so Utd had to pay a decent sum of money to get Yorke, Stam and Cole. In those days 10 mill, 12 and 6 mill was considered much more than today, and Roy Keane was 3 million? That would be a bargain today but in 1993 that was also a decent sum of money, considering that the world’s most expensive player in 1993 was bought at 13 million.

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