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  1. not exactly what he was saying, you might want to read it again, this time paying attention. To my knowledge, and despite having lived in spain for almost 20 years I’m sure you’ll find the temerity to try to school me on the barca -real rivalry, they aren’t neighbours like mancs and scousers are. This and the incredible amount of similarities is what makes this rivalry truly special. But you’re welcome to disagree and talk all you want about real-barca rivalry… in another video, not mine.

  2. The Madrid-Barca rivalry doesn’t go beyond football? Only the scouse-manc rivalry does? Might want to read a book before you make another silly comment like this one.

  3. I work in Warrington and many of my work mates are scousers,I am Mancunian yet I have a healthy respect for Liverpool ….no one wants to admit it ,but we have a lot more in common than you may think….our sense of humour is pretty much the same …don’t get me wrong when we play them the banter is bordering on aggression…but they are good lads and grafters….and I think of them as mates!

  4. big talk and yet Man Utd are more global than your club. We know we will never walk alone.

  5. Go back to your aussie rules football, an aussie thinking he knows football hahahahaha. FUCK OFF

  6. This is the biggest rivalry in world club football. I’ve been a Liverpool season ticket holder for 30 years and this game is without doubt the biggest there is. You can go on about Madrid & Barca, but this Scouse Manc rivalry transcends football. The 2 Cities are right next door to eachother, working class, & they have the 2 most successful football teams in Britain. It’s a great rivalry as long as it remains healthy with a mutual respect. YNWA!

  7. yes, coz you aussies dont drink ever.. look I dont want to have another resentful aussie who has an inferiority complex against the english. Solve your personal issues and then come back with relevant discussion because almost evrything you said smacks out of lack of self awareness, self irony and any amount of self criticism. Its also not relevant, we’re on an english rivalry video, go to your spanish pals and call the english names there, thats a good boy

  8. its quite fantastic, trolling is little wankers tryna have a laugh while im being quite political, and sorry manchester united is boring you lately, rvp and kagawa cant do everything?? and go on, i wont lose sleep over being blocked from a video with shit fans, a shit uploader a shit rivalry fuelled by boozed up pommes, and shit quality of video

  9. thats fantastic “mate”, but go trolling elsewhere you’re boring me and im about to block you

  10. maybe your right, who the hell are ronaldo and messi, madrids 9 champions league titles must not be relevant to a great club and balon d’or must not mean much or maybe u pommes stopped paying attention to that when ronaldo won it. oh the fifa xi, with your gods rooney and vidic the only epl players in it

  11. didnt say united were the best team, which clearly are not at the moment, he said club. In anycase I wouldnt take his comment literally, it seemed more like a declaration of love than an objective assessment

  12. i didnt say that, he thinks that man utd are the best team in the world, surely the best team in the world wouldnt have lost to basil ?

  13. MANCHESTER UNITED!!!NOT ARROGANT JUST BETTER than every club in this planet!!!! liverpool days are gone……

  14. @CJ8DAY but success seems endless because of SAF, when he retires it’ll only take a bad choice of a replacement and I can see us slipping down. Theres also the sword of Damocles pending above our head of the glazers debt. Im not saying the club will fall apart when SAF goes but football and life is about cycles (there I agree with carra). The good thing is we already know we can stand to the toughest of tests (relegation) and still survive stronger than ever.

  15. you scousers must be really happy today, the great man has called it quits, he’ll be missed if not by anyone else, certainly by united supporters. Can’t think of anyone who loved United more, perhaps only matched by SAF in terms of an individual who really adored Manchester United.

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