24 replies on “Manchester City Wins the Premier League Title. Everyone Goes Nuts.”

  1. My god some united fans are taking shit in here as usual..fuck off home to London .united spent more this summer than city so if united win the league does that mean they bought it…think about what your saying you fucking idiots

  2. I think seccretly every utd fan has gone through that scenario,just before they woke up and realised that the nightmare they just had is in fact a grim reality.

  3. goosebumps, the fact that it wasnt just city that was happy..every other team in the bpl was because they hate united 🙂

  4. 325 dislikes for this video shows that there are 325 bitter fans!
    I love this video despite being a Man United fan!

  5. The name of the song is:
    “David Robidoux – Thee way home (Namath soundtrack from the HBO films)”
    There isn’t on youtube, you must find it on iTunes.
    Amazing track, love it. <3

  6. I’m from brazil, I respect man city fans. 44 fucking years and finally the frustration got to come out.

  7. im a spurs fan and this brought a tear to my eye.. oh my god, this was too much even for me lol.. what an emotional match, absolutely amazing

  8. While i agree the title was basically bought, this must have been some buzz man. I’m a Rangers supporter and miss huge days like these.

  9. Just saw Manchester City 2 vs 1 Tottenham Hotspurs.
    Let’s keep our unbeatable record!

  10. That Aguero goal still gives me chills to this day..I’d hang with Arsenal till I’m six feet under…and beyond that.

  11. No respect for a team that had to go out and spend close to half a billion dollars in every single player around the league and world to win their first cup,, and to add to that they spent all that money and barely won by goal differential. Man utd. has spent dollars before but no team has wasted money like man city..their first win was bought not earned .

  12. Grande Kun, se las enterrastes bien adentro como hace un buen argento y ahora saben cuanto vale un argentino en momentos claves.

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