21 replies on “Best Man City and Man United fan reactions to Aguero’s title winning goal”

  1. What? Fulham? Don’t´╗┐ make me fucking laugh pal.Who are they playing in the champions league again? You’ve never won a proper trophy yet so get to fuck!Stick to your own teams clips before you have to delete your channnel you bad wee muppet.

  2. No you’re the FULHAM mug who came on a city clip and had the audacity to tell somebody the title win was “last season” and tell me how outraged you are by city being bought out by arab owners.You end up in an argument backing your club up with two signings from months ago who don’t even play fro fulham now.You also avoided the fact you were bought out by a rich arab.What’s left? Racism? How long I’ve supported city? My grammar maybe next? Good luck never winning a prem or´╗┐ finishing above 5th.Mug

  3. at 2:55 id be punching the girl but as i’m a liverpool fan i’d kiss the face´╗┐ off her. haha.

  4. Nathan Hanif isn’t´╗┐ my real name you fucking clown it’s in memory of a good friend.Typical racist remark though so no surprise there fat boy.|s for City not making it through?Let’s see how utd fair against the best three teams in the competition.Who’ve you played? Cluuj?Braga? haha! fat racist little prick keep digging your hole you joke!

  5. Rio Ferdinand at the end had me in stitches. What a belter of a way to finish´╗┐ that video!

  6. I was born here and i’ve lived all my life fatty.next stab in the dark….how long i’ve supported city? chubby racist bellend.´╗┐

  7. A team bought out of the shit by´╗┐ a rich arab..Hmmm that sounds familiar.Sorry I had to do a bit of research because as I’m sure you’re aware,(aside from old mohammed purchasing your shitty no mark outfit)the average football fan would be hard pushed to pick an achievement from fulham full stop,unless you were unfortunate enough to be a fan of fulham.Clubs’ greatest achievement is reaching an fa cup final when America was still at war with Vietnam.Fucking laughable you fat racist.

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