25 replies on “Man Utd players in Moscow hotel after winning 2008 UCL final”

  1. i thought they would all be happy celebrating, signing autographs for fans and taking pictures not just ignoring them whilst waiting for a lift

  2. Those people getting out of the lift before Fergie and the lads get on? That’s a nice surprise as the doors open and seeing United stood there.

  3. step 1. in the video search for Ronaldo.
    step 2. remember the old days when Ronaldo was in the man u. (usually cries at this step)
    step 3. find another video of Cristiano Ronaldo in Manchester United

  4. why not?yeah,he sucks for criticizing our medical team and also for joining city but he’s a man united player during this game,he converts a penalty and also helps us to win the match.so why doesn’t he deserve the medal? (sorry for my english)

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  6. do you know what nonsense you are spilling there?!! I strongly recommend you to go back and educate yourself more about soccer before you speak again about Hargo. Owen owned the midfield when he was in his prime: strong, resilient, unyielding and perspicacious! He and Carrick was the best pair of their days in 2008.

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