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  1. Any right thinking human being will admit that Chelsea were well and trully robbed in this game against the master cheats man u/fa.man u/fa always get easy penalties and get key players sent off,plus enough ‘injury time’ to get a goal if they are losing or drawing.Howard the Coward Webb,Clattenburg and Chris Foy in particular should be banned from officiating at man u/fa matches and Halsey too,they are too inclined to give into man u/fa thuggery.9>3.Amen.

  2. THERE’S A REPLY BUTTON. use it you fucktard…
    your first team needed to reduce us to 9 men to score against us three times.
    while we scored twice against 11 men.

    your scorers in the carling cup were three consistent starters, one of which is the single most experienced player in the premier league.

    in the league you needed a lucky as fuck opener/ own goal and bullshit refereeing to SCRAPE past us…
    both of our goals were on actual merit.
    AND both were legal.

  3. The ref ruined the game for mostly correct decisions and a couple of wrong ones? Welcome to the premier league, that’s every game! The wrong decisions? Allowing Hernandez’s offside goal to stand and not sending off Torres in the first half for his straight red challenge. The correct decisions? Both sending’s off.

  4. I’m pretty sure hazard, Oscar, mata, Cech, Luiz and Mata are subs? Of course our youth defense were not better than our normal defense retard, why do u think we conceded 5 goals? It just ashamed that u almost got beaten by our sub team, and using a retarded excuse by saying that our subs are better than our starting 11 nub

  5. @lostprophetzzz: hernandez, Giggs, fletcher, nani and welbeck didn’t start against chelsea on Sunday, unless you are saying that we played subs on the match we beat you 3-2? We just have good subs too : D

  6. and out of the ones you listed only Sturridge, Cech, Luiz and Cahill started (sturridge and Cahill are not first 11 players)
    and yeah. Ferguson’s a retard. not for playing a youth defense but, for not realizing that they are mostly better than your normal defense..
    looks like ushited won’t be winning any silverware this year…
    you can’t beat the current city team 1v1.
    we have done.
    and we have proven we can match you when it’s 11v11.

  7. rafael and nani were our only starting players, we made 9 changes, you played 8 of the team you faced us on sunday with

  8. Man Utd outplayed twice in a week. Must suck being out of the carling cup, no hope for a trophy now.

  9. and Hernandez, Nani, Giggs, Fletcher, Welbeck and Rafael are your reserves?
    sure okay…

  10. Lol only Rafael stayed on for us from last match, and chelski beat us with two penalties

  11. so cech, luiz, cahill, oscar, Ramires, Sturridge and hazard, are chelsea reserves, yeah okay.

  12. Ur reserves? We made 10 changes, and 8 players from last match in Chelsea played today. Stop bitching about how the ref is unfair and united bought the ref unless the refs have never made a bad decision towards Chelsea’s opponents.

  13. No.. our RESERVES can beat your reserves with 2 LEGIT penalties…
    you can only win an even match with illegitimate BS.

  14. Btw, I supported united when I was 5. You team cost way more than ours, and you could barely beat our bench team

  15. @Lostprophetzzz: I agree that rvp was a temporary replacement, but kagawa was 17 mil. We bought vidic for 7 mil at a young age while he was not well known.rooney was 24 mil when we bought him at 18, and he is worth way more than that now. All four of them add up to 97 mil, ranging from 2004 (Rooney) to 2013 (kagawa). And that is even less than the sum of hazard, torres and oscar, which add up to 110 mil, bought in two seasons. We buy talents and train them to something even more, such as vidic

  16. Yes.. you trained Kagawa and RVP into superstars… not like they already WERE or anything….
    Rooney,Ferdinand, Kagawa, Vidic Carrick, etc were already superstars before you bought them for insane sums of money…
    and every club has the occasional dud.
    remember Forlan?
    oh wait. of course you don’t he was in the limelight back in 2002/2004 back when United weren’t as successful so you probably didn’t support them at that point.
    our squads are the same price..
    we can beat you without the refs.

  17. because we would have won without that goal?
    and nobody not even any of the reading players noticed that it was offside…
    also 5-4 LOL!

  18. so Chelsea hand balling it in the box, Torres karate kicking Cleverley, and Chelsea fans didn’t seem to care when Torres scored against reading to win that game when he was miles offside, typical Chelsea hypocrites

  19. kagawa 17 mil, rvp 20 mil vidic 7 mil ronnaldo 11 mil van nistrooy 19 mil. total: 74 mil
    and we trained them into superstars.

    Chelsea torres 50 mil shevchenko 40 mil hazard 35 mil essien 33 mil wright-phillips 27 mil. total: 185 mil. all of them were not worth it (don’t know bout hazard yet)

  20. 1. we dont buy refs. 2. chelsea doesn’t buy footballing talent, they spend huge amounts on developed stars such as torres and schevchenko. 3. united buys footballing talent, and train them into top class players. thats why we’ve kept an excellent team for the past 20 years, and chelsea only went good when abramovich came retard

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