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  1. uhhh, yea it’s a cultural thing. Maybe booing the opposition is indicative of respect in whatever country you are from but here it is commonplace. Don’t be so ethnocentric.

  2. As a Rays fan I love how it will forever be remembered at 1:15 that they Rays were beating the O’s 10 to 1 🙂

  3. I am only implying what I said. Nothing more. Don’t twist my words around and accuse me of saying something I never said.

  4. Every nation has a group of people that support one race over the another in certain ways. KKK has been semi-dormant for about half a century.

  5. If you’re seriously implying, that the main part of European football fans are racists and chant at different races. Then you’re not allowed to say anything else about this subject.
    Never have I heard such bullshit!

  6. If your whole team are being cunts then by all means boo them but Chelsea were not being cunts lol I don’t think Americans are aggressive lol in fact I think it’s the other way around every American I’ve seen sitting in a EU football stadium seems intimidated by European fans due to how rowdy it gets, I just thought it was disrespectful lol might be cultural.

  7. How is booing a single cunt any more respectful than booing a set of cunts? And no, riots and brawls are not always between firms or away from the stadium.  Every year, somewhere, a pitch is invaded and people die. I do respect old world footballing nations. It was you who singled out Americans as having a monopoly on fan aggression.

  8. No, England didn’t boo their team they booed Rooney because he was acting like a cunt and got sent off with a red card.. football riots are an entirely different part of the sport and usually happen outside of the stadium between rival firms, football is a foreign sport to the USA you should have some respect for the creators..

  9. England’s fans booed their team at the last World Cup on international television, but you probably missed it because there weren’t any Americans to harass.

  10. Other nations have football riots and fatal stampedes during and after games. You’re pissed about booing, which does happen elsewhere. Be honest: was this the first sports game you’ve seen?

  11. “Disrespectful.” Is relative. It’s not considered disrespectful here. Not by a long shot. Learn the culture.

  12. “Champions of Europe” …still can’t believe they won the final 😀

  13. No that’s not disrespectful here. Go to any american football game and see. It’s a cultural thing. Athletes here don’t mind it.

  14. Instead of admitting when the opposition has done something good you boo them? lol I thought that was pretty disrespectful no matter what country you are in.

  15. Our definition of disrespectful is different. Booing the opposition isnt considered rude, its considered normal.

  16. Yeah Eastern European countries are racist you can blame the soviet union for that, but it’s still disrespectful to boo a visiting team especially when the visiting team is from the country that created the sport!

  17. Not as disrespectful as those racist chants that go on in Europe. Recent example, Balotelli

  18. That’s harmless chanting between regional English clubs.. You don’t boo a team from a different country.. especially a team that’s from the country that created the sport!

  19. Unlike “could be worse, could be Scouse, eating rats in the council house,” or “we’re not racist, we only hate Mancs,” which are so much more emblematic of the courtesy spectators should show the opposing side.

  20. Why does everyone in the entire comment section have to be so bitter, so judgmental and hypocritical? Can’t any of you enjoy the wonderful game of soccer/football? Yes okay! Not everyone is at the same level but it’s all the same sport. I’m a Man U fan and yeah so what a “Glory Supporter” but in the end all that matters is what makes you happy and joyful so relax and watch the damn game! P.S The MLS is a baby.

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