24 replies on “Giggs goal & Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal – FA Cup semi final replay 1999 | FATV”

  1. Oh my God look at those names on the pitch, Beckham, Bergkamp, Smeichel, Vierra
    Say what you want, but english football lost its charm now

  2. He didn’t you knobhead. United signed him before he ever joined City’s academy.

  3. Define spending, cunt. Look how much they have spended over the years…

  4. The sycophantic gestures displayed throughout the entire nation to Man Utd is incredible and annoying, equally. Best this, best that.

  5. Greatest game in FA cup history! i remember it like it was yesterday…. Giggs tearing you apart from 1991-2013! LEGEND!

  6. Giggs came from Manchester City’s youth academy, which is actually quite funny, considering that City are their biggest rivals nowadays.

  7. this is the reason why United goalkeepers are the best.
    Put these words in the youtube search box.
    ‘Malaysia XI vs Manchester United 2:3 [HD]’

  8. This was one the best football matches that i have ever witnessed had everything……

  9. Best teams at the time.. Clashing to create moments we can’t forget

  10. LMAO haha u joker i just looked on his channel and i was crying with laughter xD

  11. MUFC the greatest team in England & one of the greatest in the world! how d u like that,tw@t? I’m lovin’ it 🙂

  12. Man utd losing in the last 60 seconds how dya like that prick? I loved it.

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