25 Comments On “FUNNY Balotelli celebrates in front of Tevez”

  1. this the funniest thing ive seen all day! lol

  2. Step in the ring with carlos tevez…

  3. watch?v=vK1KYr5jojM, thats where you are wrong buddy!

  4. thats from 2011

  5. It’s called banter. Of course you do.

  6. This is why they’re soo shit……all they do is screw around in practice; you would never see this at Dortmund or Madrid.

  7. Look at this tevez yeah, I got my bib on!

  8. oh man, its the legendary JO ! @ 0:25

  9. Thats funny

  10. i wish i was this good 🙁

  11. Think what you want to think, but you gotta admit their Youtube Channel is pretty cool!

  12. Fuck off, off the channel then.
    No need for your shitty little comments, you’re probably a United scum anyway..
    Go speak to your best friends, the refs.

  13. yeah

  14. i thought adam played for sunderland now..

  15. Well don’t comment then if that’s the case.You must be really slow not to realise that.

  16. Arsenal fan, and i admit city has one heck of a channel 🙂

  17. blob888888888888888

    every time i comment theres always these angry twats just saying hate piss of and get a life


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    They are giving away iPhones to the very first 500 that finish the 5 easy questions!

  20. click narjw?

  21. City r shit:)

  22. fragticxoxo saywhat


  23. Oh Adam Johnson he’s runs down the left he runs down the right Adam Johnson makes defenders look shite. Miss johno he was a cracking player 🙁

  24. OHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I cant believe it, Balotteli laughs!!! 0:38 uagfagf

  25. Fail teves

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