24 replies on “The FA Community Shield – Man City 3-2 Chelsea Official Community Shield Match Highlights”

  1. We could say the same about the time united beat us in the FA cup 3-2 when we had 10 men for about 80 minutes of play.

  2. 1986 utd finished 11th.Fergies 1st game in charge beaten 2-0 by oxford utd,drew a week later with Norwich.87-88 he spends massively and signs Bruce,Anderton,Mclair and Leighton.89-90 spends huge sums again on Webb,Phelan,Ince,Pallister,Wal­lace.End of 91 he signs Schmeichel,Parker,Sharpe and Kanchelskis.The team from the three years before is unrecognisable.Why can’t a single Utd fan recognise they’ve got where they are today by exactly the same route?Fucking crying hypocrites all of them.

  3. You’re not really in a position to talk about showing dignity considering that City whored themselves out to the oil people and bought their way to an undeserved Premier League title. Without all of that money, City would still be battling for mid table finishes where they belong. Even though United are in heaps of debt right now, they can still compete with the best.

  4. ok we lost by 0 points ok the easiest shots where just in the goal oh yeah by the way imagine that game with everton if we won we would have a nice premier league but no de gea let us down i don’t think it was the defenses fault they done their part he is a good goalkeeper now and i know he is still young.

  5. Fucking hell man. I support Man U but you cant blame De Gea. We had an awful season last season due to poor defending but you cant pile it all on De gea.

  6. So the only reasons City won the title are:-

    1.You didn’t have a good goalkeeper.

    2.De Gea didn’t save that shot against Everton.

    3.We got lucky that Aguero scored.

    Strange you don’t mention getting beaten at Wigan or in the Derby? Or that we played better football and scored more goals than Man Utd? Bit biased and one sided in your summing up of things there kid.

  7. We have beaten you dumbass not once twice you just got lucky that Aguero scored at the end and by they way this is the 1st time i have seen a team beating Man u by goal difference just remember this Man utd makes the players and sells them Man c just buys the good players you call that a good club?

  8. If you were good enough to beat us just once,you’d have won the league,if Agueros shot would’ve gone a foot to the right you’d have won but you fucking didn’t and we did so get over it and dry your eyes you mardy little twat.

  9. ok so you probably remember that Man u and Man c had the same points at the end of the season if de gea saved that easy shot against Everton we would have won which would give us 2 extra points so STFU

  10. So the only reason you lost BOTH derby games and subsequently the title last season was because your goaly kept letting goals in?Behave yourself.The community shield was before the season started,the fa cup game you only just won before you got knocked out by Liverpool.You had countless decisions that went your way all season and you still couldn’t finish the job.You didn’t win anything last season because plain and simply you weren’t good enough so stop your syupid excuses and show some dignity

  11. we can’t really say who is better because they both won 2 games last season just to let you know we could have won the premier league because we didn’t really have a good goalkeeper and when we drawed with Everton twice because our goalkeeper was bad so stop arguing.

  12. I was born and raised in Manchester and hard as it may seem for you to grasp,people sometimes support a team that doesn’t win all the time.Fortunately my team was bought out by billionaires so now they’re winning trophies.As for your community sheild statistic,you’re talking about a full man utd team.City were playing for almost the full 90 min with ten men when they were 3-0 down and still came back to score two.The second game you claim utd won we won 1-0 from a Kompany header.

  13. community shield- man u down 2-0 at the end Man u 3-2 Man c and by the way half of the man c supporters where not supporting them like 3 seasons ago i bet you are one as well

  14. Really? Spoken like a true armchair. We beat man utd TWICE last season in both derbys so get back on google you fucking dickhead.The second time utd beat city was an fa cup tie when 10 men city came back from 3-0 down to 3-2.Stick to killing zombies you clearly know nothing about football.

  15. omg are dumbasses still on about 6-1 that’s over Man utd beat man c twice last season once at the community shield and then they won the second premier league game

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