20 replies on “England rugby team manshame the Irish scrum for 80 minutes 2012 SIX NATIONS”

  1. With Dickson at scrum half and Barritt at centre I can't believe we played well outside of the scrum.

  2. On every single video highlighting a teams scrum that ISN'T England, people have nothing but praise and admiration for it no matter what they do. But the moment someone tries to say something positive about England? Oh no, the world fucking ends. People try to slam it in every way possible and just show general hatred towards England in every possible way. Just get over yourselves. It's hilarious how every country hates England in every sport simply because we have one of the richest sporting histories of any nation worldwide. Get a grip and stop acting like jealous children.

  3. Great shame that Alex Corbisiero's career was so badly affected by injury. He was a phenomenal scrummager and the primary reason for this dominating performance from the English front five.

    And this was the basis of the pack that went on to crush the All Blacks in the Autumn of that year. That pack never played together again due to injuries. Obviously a relief to other nations. Against Wales at the Millennium stadium in 2013 then the scrummaging would have been different. Joe Marler got nailed that day by Adam Jones. Had Corbs been loose head the outcome would have been very different.

  4. "You're English right"
    "Yer, English"
    "The English are Krauts"
    "Come again?"
    "The English are Krauts"
    "What the fuck?"
    "You see, I read about history and all that shit. I love it. Well, years ago, the Britons we're getting so fucked and bullied by the Irish and Scots that they begged the Anglo-Saxons to help them out and the Anglo-Saxons are Germans right? And the Anglo-Saxons did so much fucking of Briton women that brown hair and blue eyes became blond hair and blue eyes. Now, tell me, am I lying? You, [pointing around] you're part Bockwurst."

  5. Fair play to the 'plastic krauts' – they played well that day. (We've taken some pastings in our time but never a 76-0 one thankfully).

  6. i preferred the 2011 game personally- a few of these guys in white swallowed it that day for obvious reasons ie. they felt actually shame for being English not some old bollocks about "manshaming"

  7. One of the best videos on youtube. The Irish skulked back on the boat from Holyhead that night battered and embarrassed lololol

  8. Another thing we can blame Declan Kidney for. Fucking complete bluffer that chap.

    A couple of observations. Night and day difference in what the flankers were doing. SOB was arseing about, Robshaw was pushing. Also England won the hit every single time.

    One of Corbisieros finest games btw. Ross was rushed back from injury and Court wasn't a tighthead but still….great performance i thought.

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