19 replies on “Short Highlights: England 61-21 Scotland | RBS 6 Nations”

  1. Enjoy the bubble because All Blacks is whole new beast. sure u can be wobbolies but all blacks is another story

  2. How many times have you heard the words “We weren't at our best” from Eddie Jones this season? He says they need greater consistency, yet they aren’t consistent. They scraped through vs. Wales gave it to them due to a poor decision to kick it back to them in their own 22 in the last minute of the game.. The France game was terrible, and the Italian game.. well that was just hilarious. The last time the All Blacks played those teams they killed them… Beat Wales 46-6, Beat France 24-19, Italy 68-10. That’s consistency. England need to be careful what they wish for – as new Zealand will turn it up a notch this season. But its funny in the meantime to hear how great England are – great for rugby hype lol

  3. you can also tell at the end when that guy gets another try to me its a dick move if english people had respect they would of kicked it out thats whty every team hates them in the six nations

  4. just scrolling through this page i can see that there are si many english cunts trying to rub it in are faces i just wish that for once i didnt here english presenters saying things like this at the start of games what an absolute thrashing england did to scotland oh yes lets have so tea and crumpets. and then a series of clips of interviews with the english captain saying how great they are

  5. Great win, just like Flodden, 10,000 scots killed by the English. Great day out. Fuck em all. sweaty bastards.

  6. English superiority shows again. The salty tears of the triggered anti-Anglo peasants are delicious. The chariot will crush you.

  7. wait till you play the migty ALL BLACKS the best team in the world by miles always ALL BLACKS for ever kiwicypriot

  8. Just wish that when forwards join in with the 3/4 line that they would think and play like 3/4's rather than being locked into the usual forward's tactic of trying to bulldoze their way through the defence, not laying off the ball in the tackle or going to ground far too easily and just not being aware of the attacking possibilities that are second nature to good 3/4's. How often do you see a 3 on 2 attack situation foiled by a forward's complete failure to grasp the significance of the situation and not pass the ball? How often do you see forwards in the 3/4 line who just don't have the ball handling skills to warrant their presence there in the first place? Very frustrating and a hugely important facet of the game that England really need to improve upon.

  9. Just seeing all the english boasting and being arrogant and then the scots are respectful, it really shows who are the better people

  10. I've enjoyed rugby for more years than I care to remember. Dull games, exciting games, I've seen the lot. But this was the most comprehensive and clinical dismemberment of a national side that I have ever seen. Well done England.

  11. Awesome performance by the England team , credit Scotland for not giving in and fighting with true passion, Now for Ireland "come on England" you can do it .

  12. A great performance but we need to continue to work on ironing out those sloppy mistakes. Don't think the Irish will be a walkover, they never are. It will go to the wire. Nice to see good rugby and clever link up play. Sorry Scotland – your time will come, keep your head up lads.

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