11 Comments On “England rugby sensation set to be unleashed on the Premiership”

  1. Ummmm… was it that good, really?

  2. He reminds me of Tim nanai Williams

  3. Yawn…..did i miss something…..our Mitre 10 Cup players would smash him bro. Good haircut though.

  4. Makolako Tinonamani

    Probably 10 of those in NZ top 16 Secondary Schools

  5. He looks part kiwi which explains things… 😉

  6. Sensation?… Nup!

  7. Phone candidate apartment ygiqgv smile pension need action procedure.

  8. Nothing special here

  9. Looks like a baby

  10. Slightly misleading title – he scored some simple tries in 7s. Like a million and one other academy players. Good haircut though…

  11. wow so many rugby videos ☺

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