1. who cares about this match? its micky mouse cup and chelsea play 2 many senior players in this match, thats why they have lost so many points in the premier league resently, i love it…..

  2. If you start bringing up totally different games then we’ll be here all day. United are renowned for decisions going their way. No, any decisions that went United’s way in the Prem does not justify what happens in the League Cup cos nobody really cares about it. And no, a dubious pen is up for debate, an offside goal is wrong, simple as that. You got lucky, very lucky. Which is fine, teams get lucky, part of football, but to brag about those embarrassing mistakes from the officials is pathetic

  3. You wouldn’t have won if you didn’t start piling players like Hazard and Oscar on. You got a late penalty, that was dubious to say the least (Makes up for the offside goal I guess) But to say your team is better when you had 8 players including subs from the game on sunday, compared to our 2 and still concede 4 goals at home is illogical. Also, I don’t remember any Chelski fans complaining about Torres’ offside goal against Reading earlier in the season, or am I forgetful?

  4. I’ll say it again…the officials beat Chelsea NOT Manchester United, everybody can see that, The Torres sending off was one thing, but more importantly the winning goal was offside. And only a moron like you would gloat about the league table less than half way through the season. You’re clearly not very bright so for your own sake shut up.

  5. OK, i wasn’t aware i was debating with a child. So what if United beat Chelsea in the Champions League…it has no relevance to what we were talking about. You are just bringing up stuff that happened years ago that makes United look good which is totally irrelevant. Moron.

  6. Giggs, Nani, Lindegaard, Fletcher, Hernandez, Welbeck. Look at that youth and inexperience………….

  7. Lol chelsea had to use so many of their first choice players to beat such an inexperienced and young man utd side who were using most of their 2nd choice players and only by one goal.

  8. Wait a second….. They had not won the league since the 1950’s before he took over. I don’t believe they have won it since and I do not class buying the league as ‘winning’ it. You bought it. This match alone your team costed 177.1 million ours costed 64.5 million. You have no homegrown talent at all. We had money and dint abuse it. Spending 50 million on a striker you don’t use. PFFFT

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