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  1. I’m 19 and and i’ve seem lamps play his whole career starting his days at west ham it’d be weird to see him leave. Ill tell you what though, Chelsea are in big trouble because there is no leadership right now in that midfield and while mata hazard and oscar are brilliant, they are not leaders in that locker room.I’d love to see lamps stay but if he leaves, ill understand because he has to whats right for him i guess. What a legendary career though, I salute that guy.

  2. I think you need mikel in there, especially since this team is used to playing with only one up top. Hazard is getting lost out wide lately. Id love to see mikel lamps mata oscar and ramires play in the middle rotation and moses torres and hazard rotate in a forward position. Torres is valuable but inconsistent and we are not in a condition to wait as there is a lot of games to be played before the january transfer window.

  3. Donetsky has 10 brazilian players in their squad. Six of them played in this game. For those who think that brazilian league is weak …90% of the brazilian fans do not know who Fernandinho, L. Aderianoi, A. Teixeira and William are. They were nothing especial in our league. They give Chelsea’s defense a hard time.

  4. Every game Torres doesn’t score he’s always sulking and when he gets subbed off he hangs his head. It’s frustiating becasue yes he’s playing bad but he needs to keep his head on straight. Goal or no goal as a footballer you always have to have belief in yourself and keep you head held high

  5. Yeah Sturridge has flawless potential and I think we are forgetting we relied on him so much last year under AVB to get goals. He deserves his chance and his attitude certainly goes negative and it’s clear to see.

  6. we need a prolific and sharp striker who lead the team upfront for to accomplishe our mission.

  7. we need a prolific and sharp striker who lead the team upfront for to accomplishe our mission.

  8. Sturridge has been injured for most of the games so far. He will get a lot more playing time now that he’s healthy

  9. seriously essien is soo shit now. i watched their game yesterday. he couldnt even kick a ball like hes like from grace to grass completely. like am shocked.

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