16 Comments On “Arsenal want Zaha, Hummels to Man Utd, Man City eye Jovetic?”

  1. He will stay at Palace, unless Real Madrid get him

  2. hell end up at united, walcott won’t leave ..

  3. If Theo doesn’t sign a new contract then Zaha is a good option to have, I’d worry about the fee though, English players are too overpriced.

  4. why do you always say 2 minute warning?

  5. Hummels wasn’t playing against Sweden

  6. Hummels is overrated, look at germany defense currently, goals flying in there.

  7. never mind them being two different types of players, gotze can actually play the game and doesn’t prance around.

  8. i’ve seen these transfers in fifa 13

  9. Gotze cannot be Nani’s replacement. Two very different players imo.

  10. i’m totally against man utd offloading vidic and nani but if they can get hummels and gotze as their replacements than that’s totally fine. i think cleverly and anderson can form a good partnership in midfield but anderson has been injured a lot.

  11. Zaha isn’t needed at Arsenal, Jovetic has already turned City down and there’s no chance of UTD getting Hummels.

  12. Hummed and a CDM would complete MUFC. Definitely title favourites if they sign him

  13. If united get hummels they will probably win the league.If not I’m not so sure

  14. 3rd

  15. Why are city after another striker?

  16. why would jovetic go to man city? he knows he wont be first choice just another player on the bench zaha to arsenal seems to by a good one good young star and hummels? to man u possible but big money

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